Which design package is right for me?

Our e-design service is is an online service where all communication with your designer is purely by video call, phone and email. Using our helpful Getting Started Kit, e-design is perfect for you, if you are comfortable filling out a design brief questionnaire by email and independently measuring, photographing and providing a rough floor plan of your space for your designer to work from.

Our onsite service provides a more personalised touch by allowing us to collaborate in person at your home. We will provide you with a design brief questionnaire to fill in at your own pace prior to our visit to your home to discuss the look you wish to create. The onsite consultation lasts approximately 2 hours and takes away the stress of measuring and photographing your space as we will complete this on our visit.

The design brief consultation is collaborative and allows us to get to know you, your project needs, preferences, budget and timeline in order to create the design brief for your space. You are also free to share any inspirational photos or Pinterest boards.


Both the e-design and the onsite design packages are ideal if you are seeking expert design assistance yet wish to be actively involved in the process of “buy-it-yourself” and “do-it-yourself” based on the design package provided by Hillbrook Interiors. 


Your bespoke design package will give you the confidence to reimagine your space in your own time with our support and guidance; saving you stress, time and money.


If I chose the e-design package, what do I need to prepare and how do I send the information to my designer?

In addition to the design brief questionnaire, we will email you a Getting Started Kit containing easy to follow steps for providing: 

  • Room measurements and a sketch of where windows and doors are located 

  • Photos of the space

  • Photos and measurements of any existing items you would like to keep

  • Inspiration images or links of design styles or objects that you like


You can simply return your questionnaire, photos and measurements via email or if you have a larger amount of information a shared folder link will be available for uploads.


How much do I need to spend?

The pricing for each design package is transparent. There are no hidden fees or additional costs once you select either the e-design or onsite design package. 


Your vision and budgets are discussed prior to the initial design stage allowing us to create your own bespoke package at a budget that you specify.

Pricing is based on max 4.0m x 4.0m room dimensions. Designs for larger spaces will vary slightly in price. 


When is payment due?

For services equal to or below £500, 100% of the quoted fee is payable within 3 days of acceptance of the Letter of Engagement.

For all projects above £500, 50% of the quoted fee is payable within 3 days of acceptance of the Letter of Engagement, the remaining 50% upon delivery of design package/s.

Payment can be made through a BACS transfer. 


How long until I receive my design package?

This is the big advantage over traditional interior design services which can take months to complete a project. Your design package will be returned to you by email within 2 weeks of completing the design questionnaire. Once you confirm receipt of your package, we will hold a follow up conversation and provide any required design support by video call, phone or email for up to 6 weeks.


What if I don’t like all of the design suggestions?

We strive to ensure all items specified reflect your taste, but if it’s not quite perfect the first time, one round of revisions are included with your package.


What if I want to change the structural layout of my space?

We can work with new layouts if you have already consulted the relevant engineers or tradespeople and have a scaled floor plan of the proposed space. Unfortunatley, we cannot provide any structural advice.